Synopsis is the premier speed-picking site on the internet, and has been serving the greater lock-sport community since 2021. It was built on the unified vision of promoting and preserving locksport. By creating an extensive catalog of speed-picking world records, we believe we will create a better community of collaboration and competition. We hope you have fun and as always, keep on picking!

Lock of the Month!


During the month of March the fastest picker of the Master Lock No.3 will win a mystery lock! Contest will start the 1st of March and will go to the 31st of March 2021.


Roon Schematic Industries was created in January of 2021 as a parent company. The purpose of creating RSI was to encapsulate the ever increasing service sites created to help the locksport community. RSI is co-owned and managed by Telanis Roon, Reid, and Panda-Frog. During the founding of RSI’s, was created to be the primary speed picking database in the community.

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