Black Belt

Zen music plays when you enter the room. You wake up from dreams in which you are trying to figure out ways to pick the unpickable. Locks under this belt are considered unpickable by most of the world. Some even have yet to be picked!

These locks have current times…

These locks have no times yet, be the first!

Abloy Protec2
ASSA dp4400 / Trioving dp / Ruko Garant+
ASSA Twin Exclusive
ASSA Triton / ASSA Neptun 4900 / Trioving System 10 / Trioving Twin Control
Chubb Detector
EVVA 3KS+ / 4KS (With false gates and <5 mastered sliders)

EVVA MCS gen 1 / Zeiss Ikon M
EVVA MCS gen 2
Fichet 450 / 484 (10 levers, with false gates)
Kaba 20 / MIWA JN
Kaba Star (if only 4 directions, equivalent to Kaba 20)
Kaba Quattro / Kaba Expert
Kaba Penta
Kromer Protector

Mottura Champions C43 / C44 / C48
NATO Mersey
Sargent Keso
Western Electric 29B
Western Electric 30C
Yuema 750 / Forte Enigma
Zeiss Ikon WSW