Brown Belt

You are entering the realm of ultra high-security locks and becoming a pillar of the lockpicking community. You find yourself picking locks that are so difficult tools sometimes don’t even exist to open them, requiring you to make your own. Tight keyways, rotating sidebar fingers, telescoping key pins, and countermilling are the norm for you.

These locks are ready for speed picking

Locks below are coming soon to the the speed picking contest.

Abus Plus †***
ALC Galaxy
Alpha FB
Ankerslot Infinity K
ASSA 1800 / 4800 (3 fingerpin combi)
ASSA Guideline
Avocet ABS
Bks Multipin
BiLock (8 pins)
Bricard Chifral s2

Codkey Locksys
CX-5 Scorpion / Marks High Security Lock
Dierre New Power
DOM ix10 (with fins)
DOM ix10kg
DOM System D
Eagle “Supr-Security” (with front shutter)
Federal Lock 11KDCF3110
Federal Lock UCF3100 / USC3100
Fichet 666
Kaba Ace
Kaba Gemini (not pluS)

Keso 10RS / 2000S / 4000S (Omega) / Lips Keso (door cylinder) / Lips Octro
Magnum Mont Blanc
Mauer NW4 / NW5 / NW6
Medeco Duracam — Non-removable core **
Miwa EC
Mul-T-Lock Classic (serrated driver pins)
Robur Safe Deposit Lock
Schlage Everest Primus (Side pins MUST be SPP’d)
Schlage Everest 29 SL Primus XP
SFIC with security pins **** — Must be picked to both shearlines in one take
Vachette Radial NT (Red until 20-Oct-2020)
VSR (3 rows)
Winkhaus KeyTec X-Tra
Zeiss Ikon tk5 sperwellenprofil (with smooth fingerpins) ***** (Red until 20-Oct-2020)