Purple Belt

You are now picking locks that are categorically Hi-Sec. With two or more discrete locking mechanisms that are considered “un-pickable” by nearly every locksmith.

These locks have current times…

These locks have no times yet, be the first!

Abus Bravus 4000
Abus EP10
Abus TS5000
Abus XP2s / Abus XP20s / Cisa AP3 / Bricard xp s2
ASSA d12 / ASSA P600 / ASSA Neptun 1900 (equivalent to ASSA 600)
ASSA Desmo (6 sliders)
ASSA Twin Combi (2 fingerpins)
Bricard Supersete
Burg Wächter Alpha 800 — Non-removable core
CEI “Five Colors”
Chubb Biaxial
DOM IX 10 (no fins)
Eagle “Supr-Security” (without front shutter)
Elzett X11
Emhart (4 pins)

EVVA DPI – Slider version
EVVA DPS – Slider version
EVVA DPX – Slider version
EVVA EPS – Slider version
Fichet 450 (10 levers, no false gates)
Gerda HSS †
Ingersoll CS
Iseo Perfecta (requires 360)
Kaba 8 (3-rows)
Kale Kilit 164 BNE
Lips Keso padlock
Lockwood MT5
Lockwood Twin
M&C Color Pro
M&C Condor
M&C Matrix

Magnum Atlantic
Miracle Magnetic
Mottura Champions C31 / C39 **** (cannot be picked with C38 for Purple)
Mottura Champions C38 **** (cannot be picked with C30/31/39 for Purple)
Mul-T-Lock MT5 (Without Sidebar)
Nemef NF4
Sergeant Signature
Tesa Tk 100
Trioving d12 level 1 (aka d13, no long pin)
US Star Tech “Hi Security”
Yale Superior / Milencio Magnum (7 or 9 pins)

** Must be raked prior to picking to reset pin combination
**** Must be picked with the bible oriented down