Red Belt

Ultra high security is your middle name. You are frequently making custom tools to pick difficult locks, and spending countless hours for the open. Locks under this belt have multiple locking mechanisms, high tolerances, and crazy bittings.

These locks are ready for speed picking

Locks below are coming soon to the the speed picking contest.

Abloy Classic †***
Abloy Disklock †
Abloy Disklock Pro †
Abloy Exec †
Abloy High Profile †
Abloy Protec †
Abloy Sentry †
Anker (MIWA/Ankerslot) 3800 (Black until 20-Oct-2020)
ASSA dp2400
Banham m2002
Bks Janus
Cism Atlas
DOM Diamant †

Elzett Magnet
Emhart / Emhart Interchangeable Core (6 pins)**
Fab Dynamic
Fab Variant
Fichet-Bauche M2B / M3B / MxB
Fontaine Dynaxis
FTH Surveyor
Goal V18
JPM 405
JPM Surf

Kaba Gemini pluS
Miwa PS / Tostem DN
Zeiss Ikon R10 (Black until 20-Oct-2020)
Picard Vigie
Ruko Combi 2
Sémag Euromag
Thirard Cobra
Tokoz Pro
U-Shin Showa NX
Vachette AXI Home
Yuema 760
Zeiss Ikon Verso
Zeiss Ikon tk5 sperwellenprofil (with serrated fingerpins)****