Brown – Schlage Primus (Side pins MUST be SPP’d)

Schlage Primus (Side pins MUST be SPP’d)
The Primus (or Classic Primus, Primus XP) is a UL 437 rated pin-tumbler lock made by Schlage. It uses six pin-tumblers and a sidebar that requires finger pins to be raised and rotated properly. The Primus is functionally identical to the ASSA Twin Combi lock, but it does not include as many anti-lockpicking and key control mechanisms. The patent protection on Primus keys ended in 2007.
The Primus is an updated version of the Schlage Everest. The Schlage Everest Primus is an alternate version of the Primus that enhances key control capabilities.

Special Rules
No Special rules at this time for this lock.

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