We are endorsed by the following groups.

Lockpickers United – LPU

Earn Lockpicking Karate Flair

As a way to have fun (perhaps at the expense of Six Sigma) this sub gives its members the opportunity to earn user flair in the form of karate belts. Belt flair is issued based on the accomplishments of the member, with each higher level requiring increased community participation and the picking of increasingly difficult locks.

Digby Lock and Tool

Digby Lock and Tool was started by a local member of the picking community (Digs). We aim to bring ultra high quality products to our customers. To achieve this, we work hard to create and find the best gear available in the world. By doing this, we can bring it all to your one stop shop, Digby Lock and Tool!


The Lock Sportcast

The Locksportscast is the premier lock sport new channel on youtube. Hosted by Charles Current, it has been serving the community since 2020. If you have anything news worthy, please send it to the address below. charles@charlesbuildscrap.com