Green – Master Lock 410 LOTO

Master Lock 410 LOTO

  • 410 Thermoplastic Safety Padlock
  • 1-1/2in (38mm) wide, 1-3/4in (44mm) tall Thermoplastic black body, shackle with 1-1/2in (38mm) clearance
  • Designed exclusively for lockout tagout applications
  • Durable, lightweight, non-conductive Thermoplastic lock body
  • Customize on-site with permanent, write-on labels
  • Compliance with “One Employee, One Lock, One Key” directive directive
  • High security, reserved-for-safety cylinder
  • Key retaining – ensures that padlock is not left unlocked

Special Rules
No Special rules at this time for this lock.
*times where taken before the rule change on Feb 14, 2021

01*KingofthestoneUSA00.03.87Telanis RoonFeb 10, 2021Link
02*HvmetalheadCanada00.04.25Telanis Roon, Panda-FrogFeb 9, 2021Link
03*Kim ZickUSA00.05.36Panda-FrogFeb 12, 2021Link
04*theTINMAN1986USA00.05.84Telanis RoonFeb. 11, 2021Link
05*Froggy PickerUSA00.07.29Panda-FrogFeb 8, 2021Link
06*Panda-FrogSwitzerland00.08.94Telanis Roon, ReidFeb 3, 2021Link
07*SomebodywhoateapieUSA00.13.31Telanis RoonFeb 3, 2021Link
08*FeesjeBelgium00.14.43Telanis RoonFeb. 11, 2021Link
09*HVLogicAustralia00.30.85Telanis RoonFeb. 3, 2021Link
10*Studyguru LocksportAustralia00.59.37Telanis RoonFeb. 4, 2021Link
11*Telanis RoonUSA01.04.13Panda-Frog, ReidFeb. 3, 2021Link
01PrinceAustralia00:04.080FroggyPickerOct 11th, 2021Link
02FroggyPickerUSA00:04.100Panda-FrogOct 16th, 2021Link
03PandaFrogSwitzerland00:11.999FroggyPickerOct. 5th 2021Link
04FDPDUSA00:14.234Telanis RoonFeb. 14, 2021Link
05hellangel28USA00:14.78ReidFeb. 2, 2021Link
06Mineral4xUSA00:15.248Telanis RoonFeb. 14, 2021Link
07SuperHansburger9300:21.366Panda-FrogOct 25.10.2021Link

Pic: Panda-Frog