Blue – Paclock 90A Pro

Paclock 90A Pro
1 1/2″ wide aluminum padlock with 1/4″ diameter hardened steel shackle -Pick and bump resistant -Security pins -Dual ball bearings

Special Rules
No Special rules at this time for this lock.

01LemonAustralia00:03.833FroggyPickerMay 30,2021Link
02ArgusUSA00:17.233FroggyPickerOct 12th 2021Link
03theTINMAN1986USA00:45.612Panda-FrogApr 27, 2021Link
04PandaFrogSwitzerland00:56.080FroggyPickerOct 11th 2021Link

Tournament of Champions 2021

01Mr. ParadiseUSA00:02.534Panda-FrogNov 20, 2021Link
02Locksport VikingUSA00:05.720 Roon Aug 27, 2021 Link
03LemonAustralia00:11.545Panda-FrogNov 25, 2021Link
04Lock oLotUSA00:11.745 Roon Aug 27, 2021 Link
05HVLogicAustralia00:18.133RoonAug 27, 2021 Link
06Georgia JimUSA00:28.633Panda-FrogSep 27, 2021 Link
07theTINMAN1986 USA 00:56.611 Roon Jul 27,2021 Link
08HvmetalheadCanada01:15.267Roon Aug 27, 2021 Link
09DisplosiveUSA01:41.850 Roon Jul 27,2021 Link

Text: theTINMAN1986
Pic: Panda-Frog