Medeco Original / M3 (5+ pins)**

Medeco Original / M3 (5+ pins)**
The Original is a UL 437 rated pin-tumbler lock made by Medeco. It is well known for the use of rotating bottom (key) pins that interface with a sidebar. The Original has the distinction of being the first pin-tumbler lock to use axial rotation, and is the basis for most other Medeco mechanical locks since. It was previously thought to be one of the most secure locks available, but continued research from the locksport community has proven a variety of attacks are possible, including key bumping.

The Original has since been superceded by the Medeco Biaxial and Medeco M3.

Special Rules
No Special rules at this time for this lock.

** Must be raked prior to picking to reset pin combination

Original 5 Pins

01Anxious PickerUSA00.29.034Panda-FrogMar 17, 2021Link


01Anxious PickerUSA00.21.300FroggyPicker, RoonApril 5, 2021Link

Pic: Anxious Picker