Which Locks are allowed

Any lock from the belt list that is a stock lock with a working factory cut key can be used. Locks that have modified springs, pins, chambers, or sidebar will not be allowed. If you are unsure if a lock qualifies, please feel free to contact one of the mods. All decisions by mods are final, but we are always open to adding new locks to the speed picking list.

How to Film

Locks must be filmed in one take with no edits i.e. cutting, speeding up, or slowing down the video. Lock must remain in frame the entire time while Speedpicking and gutting. Gutting will not count as part of the time but is required for locks that can be gutted.

Please provide us the video proof on Youtube (can be unlisted) or as a download.

How to Time a Speedpick

The official time for a speedpick will be determined by a moderator. Members are free to use any clock or timer they want to use when practicing their runs. Here is a good site for resources:
Or check our Discord under general/resources:

How to submit a Speedpick time

Speed Pick times can be submitted using the submission form. It can be found at the top of the site, or by clicking the following link: By submitting your time using the form, you agree to our terms of service and rules. Your submission will be checked by one of our moderators and a decision will be made within two weeks. Staff members that wish to have a record attempt submitted must also fill out the form, but it will need to be verified by two impartial staff members.

General Speed Picking rules

  • Locks that qualify for speed picking certifications are stock locks with a factory cut, working key. Locks with custom modifications will not be allowed to be entered. If you would like to use a rare lock without a key, please contact the moderation team. Please check the appropriate lock page for further specific rules that may apply.
  • Any lock that is on the belt list can be speed picked and submitted for verification. If you see a lock that is not on the belt list that you would like to speed pick, please contact a mod with all the lock details, and a moderator will get back to you when/if the lock is added.
  • All locks must be single pin picked and not raked or zipped.
  • Any tools used must be entered through the front of the keyway. This includes lights or inspection cameras.
  • The key must be used before the picking attempt to reset the pins. If it is a rare lock without a key, the lock must be raked to reset pins.
  • The shackle must be closed before every attempt.
  • The time starts as soon as the pick enters the keyway.¬†The¬†keyway must be visible and can not be blocked. If the moderators can’t see the pick enter the keyway the speedpick request will be declined.
  • The final time will be taken from the video proof. A moderator will be verifying the exact time from the video and contact you with the results.
  • Guttable locks must have at least two non-zero lift pins.
  • Guttable locks must be gutted on camera. Once the core is removed, it needs to be shown to the camera in a way that the non-zero lift pins can be verified. The removal of the springs, key pins and driver pins must be accomplished in a way that it makes it easy to verify from which chamber they came from. Once the lock is gutted make a close-up of the components to allow inspections of the parts.

Non Padlock Style Locks

The time stops as soon as the core rotates to 90 degrees. The rotation can be clockwise or counterclockwise. If the lock can’t be rotated to 90 degrees there will be a special rule on the lock web page. Please contact the admins if you know of a lock who needs a special rule.

Padlock Style Locks

The time stops as soon as the shackle opens. If the shackle is not visible, the time stops when the core reaches the maximum rotation. Time will only be taken by visual clues and not from the sound.

Disc Detainer Lock (DD)

  • Lock must have a working key and at least 50% of disk cannot be max rotation (ie 50%+ needs to be rotated to open).

    Allowed DD Pick:
  • Depth marking and angles marking are permitted as long as they are generic (not dedicated to the type of locks).
  • Lock decoders are not permitted.
  • The pick cannot have any marking to indicate the exact disk rotation position.
  • Picking must be done with the core under tension.

    Time starts:
  • Setting the disks to max rotation before starting does not start the time.
  • Due to the design of most of the pick, inserting any part of the picking tool starts the time.

    Time ends:
  • Core reached max rotation to stop or Padlock shackle pop.
  • If the lock can freely rotate once open, the time stops when the core rotates 90deg.


Cheating will not be tolerated and we will be using a two strike system. The first time someone gets caught cheating they are added to the black list. What this means is that their run will be rejected, and a synopsis report of why it was rejected will be generated. Afterwards, future runs will need to be verified by two or more staff members. If the person is caught cheating a second time, they will be permanently banned from the site. No refunds will be issued and your records will be taken down from the site for illegitimacy.


We are not responsible for any damage to you or your hardware obtained before, during or after a speedpick attempt. Speedpicking is a competition. Please keep a cool head and think before doing stupid stuff.