SFIC format locks

Special Rules

SFIC (Small Format Interchangeable Core) locks can be gutted, but require expensive tools to do so. Normally, we require any lock that can be gutted, to be gutted in order to be eligible for belt rank, but due to the difficult and expensive, but not impossible to gut nature of the SFIC locks, we’ve come up with a procedure to show the lock hasn’t been modified without gutting the lock.

A video demonstration of the filming requirements for SFIC locks can be seen here. Here is a Photo example as well. Thanks to u/stab_in_the_eye for the video demonstration, and thanks to u/Tko5479 for the photo example.

  1. Show the keyway of the lock clearly on the video so we can identify the lock.
  2. Use the Operating key to show that the lock opens up with the use of the Operating key
    NOTE: The lock must remain in frame for the remainder of your video past this point
  3. If the SFIC lock is currently in a lock body, such as a padlock, use the Control key to remove the core
  4. Use the Operating key to turn the plug 180ยบ and show to the camera that the pins are present through the holes in the bottom of the lock.
  5. You may now put the lock core back into a lock body or vice, but the lock must remain in frame for the remainder of the video.
  6. Pick the lock to both operating and control (picking to one of the two shearlines is good for Blue)

You may pick the lock before showing the lock verification steps above, but the lock must remain in frame for the entirety of the video

Picked to 1 shearline


Picked to both shearlines in one take – Standard pins

01SkwiggledorkUSA02:57.377GilliGainzOct 16, 2022Link

Picked to both shearlines in one take – Security pins