#SpeedSloth version 1.0

Here goes, my first GiveAway.. (This is going to be lengthy so grab your helmet…)

Recently I came across a deal on Master Locks 6835 that I couldn’t pass up so I bought two boxes(12). Locks are delivered……..and there is one key per box. Yup keyed alike. Note; always read the full description before ‘clicking’ Buy!! So here is what we are going to do:

First round Prize:
1 of 7 Master 6835’s and an entry into the Sloth Round
Start: 15th of April
End: 15th of May

-Speedpick a lock, preferably your own on video(one entry per participant ) according to the speedpicking rules and submit it to https://speedlocks.org/ (While you’re at it why not post it to YT as well! You could also subscribe to my channel while you’re there)

– The submission is considered entered when accepted by the speed lock admins.

-Have #SpeedSloth in video title.

At the end of the specified time, 7 video entries will be drawn from the submissions. Those drawn will move on to the sloth round and be mailed a new & blue Master Lock to speed pick in the sloth round. By accepting a lock you agree to post at least 1 speedpickin’ video.. Only supplied 6835’s are considered eligible.

Sloth round begins when all 7 participants have received their 6835. From there 30 days on to enter your fastest pick!

Who can Participate:
-The seven semi-finalists.
-Admins if they win a lock.
-Panda-Frog is excluded, he will judge this challenge.
-Sloth can’t play because I have the keys.
-Anyone else with too much free time on their hands can be part of the action too

-When Will the Challenge Start and Stop?Tournament will begin as soon as everyone has received his/her lock and ends 30 days later.

This challenge is a basic competition and the fastest pick will win at the end of the specified time. The Master 6835 will get a special page on the https:speedlocks.org/

What Are the Prizes?
-TBA (Very cool sloth stuff and more )
-Braggin’ rights. Thats why you’re really here…

What are the Rules?
Standard https://speedlocks.org/ rules apply.



Round 2
Speedlocks.org rules apply!
– no key
– no gutting needed
You may rake or may not.
Sloth just don’t gives a fuck 😉

Start: June 15, 2021
End: August 1, 2021, 2000 UTC
Judge: PandaFrog

ContenderCountryBestLinkRanking Position
Lock AffinityUSA00:02.900Link02
SunsebbCanadano entry08
Lock KrakenUSA00:14.166Link07
Lock Maker TattooerUSAno entry08
DustyNWindyUSA no entry 08

Winner: Mr.BlackMagic