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I am one of the owners of I verify belts up to black belts, run finances, and I helped draw up the logo. I’ve been picking since April 2020, and also helped set up the discord along with the other two owners. Some of my other hobbies include knife making and fishing. Living in the south-central U.S, I’ve grown up loving the great outdoors and always find it breathtakingly beautiful. I hope you enjoy our wonderful site, we worked very hard on it.


I’m Panda-Frog and one of the three founders of I’m responsible for the website and all other information technology. I verify records up to Purple Belt and maintain the website. Outside of, I’m also responsible for the popular website I live in Switzerland and love Scuba Diving, Lockpicking and my family. If needed, you can get in contact me over Discord, YouTube or Reddit, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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I’m HVLogic. I have been picking locks since early 2020 and achieved BlackBelt after about 8 months. Since then I have picked a large number of Hi-Security locks and many Challenge Locks. I really found the Locksport community to be a really friendly and welcoming place and aim to contribute where I can. Mostly I act as an adviser and technical expert to help support the rest of the mod team. I’m always available on discord if you have questions or need a hand.


Hey there, I’m Gilli. I have been picking since mid 2021 and achieved BlackBelt after about 7 months. I love speed picking, making/picking challenge locks, and picking standard and high security locks. Outside of lockpicking I like to work on cars, modify flashlights and watches, scuba dive, camp, and play video games.




Former Staff Member


My name is Telanis Roon, also known as RoonPicker, and I have been involved in the Lock-Sport community since November 2019. Through hard work and dedication, my skills improved fast, and I moved through the belt system. I quickly fell in love with challenge locks, and that has now become my specialty. In December of 2020, I became an owner and worked with Reid and Panda-Frog, to create the now popular On the site I am in charge of public relations, as well as verifying belts up to Orange belt. I can be contacted on discord (RoonPicker), Reddit (Darksideoflink), and Youtube (RoonPicker) with more questions or information. Outside of lock-sport, I frequently do mountaineering and hiking with my wife and two kids.


I am Hvmetalhead, I am a discord moderator and community liaison between members and the admin. I discovered lock sport while researching nondestructive entry techniques for my fire department. I started tinkering and earned my black belt in January 2021. I am a proud member of #1MillionScovilleLocksportClub where I learned of I was the first person to join the discord when it was created and I have been helping to build the community. When I am not picking I like doing woodwork and fishing with my kids, as well as volunteering with my fire department. Living in Canada the locksport community is definitely smaller but I enjoy that the Reddit and discord allow me to interact with people all around the world. I can be found on discord: Hvmetalhead#4005, Reddit: Hvmetalhead and YouTube: Hvmetalhead