Tournament of Champions 2021

Who can Participate?

Applications for entry have closed as the tournament has begun

When Will the Tournament Start and Stop?

The tournament started July 1st 2021 and will end November 31st 2021.

How will the Tournament be Run?

The tournament will run in bracket form. See table example below. Each new section of the bracket will run for one month and video results must be posted by the 28th of each month to allow for adjudicating and records posting.

Who Will be in Charge?

The admin of the moderation team will be moderating and adjudicating the tournament.

What are the Rules?

• Only the SpeedLocks 2021 Tournament lock can be used.

• Lock must be single pin picked and not raked or zipped.Any tools used must be entered through the front of the lock face.

• You must say your name and your opponents name before starting to pick the lock.

• Audio enhancement devices will not be permitted during tournament.

• The key must be used before the picking attempt to reset the pins.

• The time starts as soon as the pick enters the keyway. The keyway must be visible and can not be blocked. If the moderator can’t see the pick enter the keyway the speedpick request will be declined. Time stops as soon as the core stops moving, not when the shackle pops.

• The final time will be taken from the video proof. Best time submitted will be added to the site on the 28th of each month 23:59:59 PST. The video can be unlisted to preserve the suspense. Final time taken by the judge cannot be contested and will be the users best time.

• Lock must be gutted on camera. Once the core is removed, it needs to be shown to the camera in a way that the non-zero lift pins can be verified. The removal of the springs, key pins and driver pins must be accomplished in a way that it makes it easy to verify from which chamber they came from.

• All parts must be from the factory, including but not limited to springs and pins. Absolutely no replacement parts will be accepted in this tournament.

• Each section of the tournament will last one month. You will have till the 28th of each month to post your results video.

What Are the Prize Tiers?

Grand Prize

All of the Following locks

  • Master Lock #4
  • Master Lock #6
  • Burg Wächter Atlantik
  • Kwikset Mortise
  • Abus 64TI Titalium
  • DOM 333 RNT
  • Commando Marine
  • Schlage Everest
  • Mako 427
  • Kaba 8 (2-rows)
  • Medeco Biaxial (5+ pins)
  • Kwikset SmartKey Gen 3
  • Schlage Everest 29 SL Primus XP
  • Mako M2 7 Pin SFIC
  • Assa 700
  • Emhart

Residual/Bonus Prizes*

  • 4x Custom Digs Trays

*Residual/Bonus Prizes will only be awarded to those who submit videos in the tournament.