Yellow – Abus 45

Abus 45
The lock body is made of brass, the shackle is made of hardened steel. Behind the ABUS 45 series there is an extensive padlock series in sizes from 15 to 60 mm.

Special Rules
No Special rules at this time for this lock.

Abus 45/15

01Panda-FrogSwitzerland00:00.567Roon, ReidFeb 23, 2021Link
02FroggyPickerUSA00:01.100 Panda-Frog Nov 09,2021Link
03Goose7732USA00:01.867GilliGainzMay 25, 2022Link
04SgrA8USA00:02.601Panda-FrogMar 29, 2021Link

Pic: Sgr A8